When I first started my clothing brand, I wanted to be able to create an entire wardrobe for my target customer. I wanted to be able to offer everything she needed. And I wanted to offer it all from day one.

I was designing pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets and (as much as I loved seeing my full collection), it was just too many different things all at once that I needed to design and produce on my own. I worked from morning to well past 3 am every single night on my garments just to keep up.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it. But would I go back and do it again if I could? Oh yeah. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have focused on one single garment. I would have enjoyed the process more and been able to really take the time to perfect the one type of garment I really loved making; trench coats and leather jackets for women under 5’4. (I’m only 4’11 and let me tell you, it’s SO hard finding clothing that fits me haha)

The point of the story is, I decided to stop trying to do what all the big brands were doing. The big brands who had hundreds of people working for them to design, produce, and market their products. The big brands who had already been established for decades and decades and had already become a household name. I was one person. And I was brand new.

It had finally hit me. I realized I didn’t want to offer “everything” to my customer.

If I was going to make an impact in a saturated industry, I needed to put all my efforts into one amazing product first and bust my ass to make it better than every other option that currently existed on the market.

I realized, in order to become a success, I needed my product to be so good, there was no way my target customer could possibly ignore it.

I decided my product was NOT going to be for everyone. My product was going to be very specific, for a very specific woman, with a specific fit, and a very specific style and price point. And that’s when everything turned around.

That was it. That’s what I had been missing those first few years.

It wasn’t until the day I asked myself, what pieces do I really enjoying designing and making? What do I really want to be known for?

I had uncovered my HERO product.


It’s the product that defines your brand and introduces a new customer to who and what you’re all about. It’s the ultimate product that creates your loyal customers and superfans who truly believe in your product and your brand. It’s your signature product you would offer your target customer if they could only buy one thing. It’s the product that separates you from everyone else, that ultimately becomes what your brand is known for. It’s the product your target customers can’t live without.


First, let’s start with the simple math. If you start your business with 5 different types of products, you end up spending only 20% of your time, your costs, your resources, and your mental capacity and energy on each single product. Your money and focus would be split between 5 different things. That division of your time and resources will show in your final product. Meaning each product would only be as good as 20% of your effort. Now imagine how much better your product could be if you spent 100% of your available time, resources, money, research, and energy on just one product first.

Do you need more reasons? Here are 4 more.

1. STRONGER FIRST IMPRESSION: Let’s say a potential customer goes to two different sites looking for the same type of product. The first site has 10 different kinds of products on their shop page all around the $50 price point. The second site has a shop page dedicated to one type of product with descriptions of better quality materials, better design, and higher quality production, with products around the $100 price range. The second site also shares a great story of how the product is made with quality craftsmanship, and how they dedicated a full year to perfecting their product. Who do you think the potential customer will trust with the better product? Even if the customer doesn’t buy right away, the two sites have clearly made two different impressions on the customer, and when they are ready to order, who do you think they’ll buy from?

2. STRONGER BRAND POSITION: In the online world, what people see is what they believe. In other words, perception is reality. When you take the time to perfect your craft and show it online, it shows your potential customers that you can be viewed as an expert in your product category, even if this is your first product ever. You will have confidence in your product, and it will instill confidence in your customer that you’re committed to creating the best possible product for them. 

3. A BETTER PRODUCT: When you take the time to create a signature hero product you’re also taking the time to increase your knowledge, your skills, and your position in the market. You have the time to really get to know your target customer, what they want and need from this single product, and be able to design the absolute best version of what your customer ultimately wants to buy.

4. MORE MONEY: This is a two-part answer. First, when you stick to one category of product, it’s much easier to fine-tune the process of designing and manufacturing your product. You can use your resources wisely, keep your costs low, but still be able to invest where it makes the biggest impact, instead of wasting a large percentage of your cash on several products that may not even sell. Having a fine-tuned, quality product, also means higher profit margins for you.

And second, when you focus on creating one product, you end up with a much better quality product that your target customer can get really excited about. When you can show your customer why your product is hands down substantially better than everything else on the market, you’ll get loyal customers, referrals, and repeat business for life. That’s the goal. When your target customers love your product so much that they would feel like they were “cheating on you” if they purchased from someone else, that’s customer loyalty. That’s what makes your brand a true success.

When you launch your business, your first product has to be good. And I mean, really good. If you create a mediocre product that’s not designed well and has nothing special to offer your customer to make them buy from you instead of the competition, well guess what, they won’t buy, and they definitely won’t come back for your second or third product.

When you focus on only one product, you can really dive into designing a product that your customer truly wants and needs, with beautiful designs, benefits, and features your customers can’t get anywhere else. It’s always easier to put your efforts into one idea first and make it the absolute best product for your target customer.

After you build a strong trust between your brand product and your customer, you can then start creating your second product and build up from there. And because you’ve built a strong track record of your product values, benefits, and qualities, it will be that much easier for your now loyal customers to fall in love with your next product and purchase again, and again, and again.

I hope this post was helpful on your entrepreneurial journey. If you’d like more thought-provoking and insightful branding tips, sign up below and join our community of Branding Beasts.

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